About Us

 we’re Brian & Christina, a husband and wife wedding photography company specializing in intimate weddings  &  storytelling portraits. we’re based in buffalo, new york but consumed by wanderlust, and often on the road traveling for weddings, portraits & adventures of all kind.  This year, we purchased a 1977 camper which we’ll use as we travel more & more for weddings. We can’t wait to name her, so if you have any ideas, feel free to leave them here. 

it’s been a wonderfully strange 6 years since we moved home from green point, brooklyn & started our photography business.  we have a repeating conversation: “if you were to ask us 6 years ago what our futures held in buffalo,  full time wedding photographers would not have been on the list of ideas. ” but here we are, doing something we now could never imagine our world without: capturing people’s happiness,  full time.

it’s a heartening feeling to know there is something bigger out there drawing us to what we’re meant to do and where we’re meant to be.

an appreciation of photography & honest storytelling is essential to our clients & at the core of all we do is the belief that we are brought together, with you, to create magic.

You can read more about our philosophy here. 

_PhotoBy Michelle Gardella Photography www.michellegardella.com photo of Shaw Photography Co.PIN

{Above Photo by: Michelle Gardella:  www.michellegardella.com }