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Women, Light & Lines | Buffalo, NY

I’m sort of becoming obsessed with the mini in-home portrait sessions I’ve been completing. For privacy, I haven’t shown most of this work but it’s been some of my favorite this year. With just one subject & myself I’ve been able to explore light, lines & the human form as the muse.  I’ve been trying hard to think of another “name” to call these types of sessions, rather than boudoir, because truly they have been much more than that. For now, I’m calling them women, light & lines

If you’re interested in booking a mini session with me, I offer them in the comfort & privacy of my home. E-mail me at info@shawphotoco.com for more details.

Sessions start at $250 with prints & jpgs available for purchase after the session. If you allow me to use the photos for marketing & sign a model release, I currently am offering $75.00 off the session.

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