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I’m Christina Shaw; owner of Shaw Photography Co. and a business Coach to wedding photographers looking to connect their creativity to their abundance.

I believe that running a wedding photography business should be fulfilling and fun. My coaching for photographers is centered around helping you create a sustainable and profitable business model that aligns with what matters most to you so you can truly connect with the work that lights you up and makes our world a better place.

My educational offerings encourage a balanced and authentic approach to creating a life of abundance by living an aligned + kind life. I offer business and life coaching, freebies and soon to be launched educational and pricing classes for photographers created around helping you create a sustainable business that connects your passion and purpose to bring you prosperity.

After 10 years in the wedding industry photographing over 150 weddings, I know what it feels like to seek a balanced and healthy relationship with workI jumped head first into running a wedding photography out of pure love. After one year of becoming full time photographers, our revenue doubled. Another year later, it tripled. The formula used was proven for success: Hustle hard! Photograph as much as possible! Say yes to everything that comes your way! Market, market, market! Show up on social media consistently!
4 years in to working full time, we hit the 39 wedding mark in one summer. I felt a shift that summer as I started to feel the effects of burn out. I found myself asking “If I’m burnt out already, how am I going to make it as wedding photographers in the long run?
Then began one of the deepest digs of my life. I brought my husband along for the ride. We embrace minimalism and rid ourselves of all that didn’t serve us. We said no to inquiries that weren’t fits. We cleared our calendar. We stopped showing up. We sold our house. Went down to one car. We bought a camper. We traveled the US for three months. And we returned. I thought we would come back from the journey knowing what was next. Instead, I felt more lost than ever on what would be next for us.
Fast forward to 2016, the year we became pregnant with our first baby. We had created the space we needed to embrace parenthood. But something still felt like it was missing from our business. It wasn’t until the birth of our daughter that we found clarity in what was lacking in our business. Our truest selves. Since then, we have realigned our purpose and mission. We brought ourselves and the excitement back into our business, and embraced an abundant life while doing so.
In early 2018 I launched my my coaching business, Aligned + Kind,  to focus on helping other entrepreneurs align with gratitude for the present, their truest purpose the natural abundance that comes with it.

Business Education for Wedding Photographers

freebies & classes

We want to create items for you to use to grow your wedding photography business and prosper. Are you seeking more abundance in your business? Or are you looking to find more clients? Or maybe you struggle with how to connect to other business owners. Our first guide, 5 Tips for Attracting More Clients, will not only show you how to find clients, but how to connect with your industry.

Our second guide, 10 Must Haves for Running Your Photography Business goes over the top tools and resources you need to succeed. These programs and tools are essential in running an efficient and sustainable photography business.

We will soon be launching more in-depth courses that can help you align your passion and purpose with a prosperous life. But for now, enjoy these FREE workbooks!

Educational Offerings for Wedding Photographers

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