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Wedding Photographers Guide on How To Survive Wedding Season

Wedding season is starting to dwindle down (really? already?) We booked 37 amazing weddings this year (10 left to photograph!), and somehow, (almost to our own disbelief), we’re alive and still on schedule with things.

Next year, things are headed in a new direction for us as we hope to diversifyour work a little more and stretch our season out. We’re taking on a limited amount of weddings & bringing more family & portraits back into the mix.  We’ve started to offer mentoring sessions to beginning photographers & we’re hoping to announce more mini photography workshops in and out of our home.

In the meantime, we wanted to give thanks to the things that helped us get by this summer (and previous summers) in hopes maybe one of them may help you.

 1) Musea Podasts : Great listening while you’re editing and its helpful to hear how other photographers around the world work. Some of our favorite interviews were: Jonathan Canlas, Fer Juaristi, Ryan Muirhead (the first one), James Moes, Reg Campbell, Nordica Photography, Ben Chrisman, Nirav Patel, Gabe McClintok, Krist–Drago Price, Kirk Mastin, Pat Furey, & Tara Kneiser (these were more specifically related to what we do).

2) Tave: Client Management. Keeps track of EVERYTHING related to our clients & business.

3) Jared Platt’s Ultimate Lightroom Workflow: We saw Jared speak at the 2014 Mystic Conference. He didn’t even make it through his whole workflow, but the part that really stuck with us is how he culls in lightroom.  Literally, his culling system SAVED OUR LIVES. Why did we not think of this before?

4) Smart Albums: Made album design simple, easy & fun. Yes, fun.

5) Red Leaf Actions: We used Red Leaf  Lightroom film actions as our base for all of our edits & tweak them a little here and there to find what works for us. Actions help keep your work consistent. If you don’t want to use pre-made actions, you can you-tube tutorials on how to make your own 🙂

6) Pixieset: We use this to share our images & sell prints through their easy storefront. (We use to use smugmug, but we prefer the simple and beautiful layout of pixieset).

7) 99 U Series Books: We purchased ours on These are great quick & motivational reads for creatives. We will gladly start a book club & re-read these with anyone that would like to read them 🙂

8) This Waterbottle. Stay hydrated. Stay healthy.

9) Yoga. We practice here, but you can find a practice that works for you. #dontforgettobreath

10) Outsourcing. We made a list of the things we didn’t LOVE to do and we hired help, (most of the things we didn’t love to do were not even related to our business). Don’t be afraid to ask for or hire help. (And to the people we’ve hired to help, thank you, thank you, thank you. & thank you again).

11) Jonathan Canlas Photography: FIND: Biz Guide A lot of useful tips re: print sales and pricing. There are a lot of things re: the business side that we didn’t realize until we were a few years in and this guide helped us restructure with confidence. He often runs specials during the holidays so follow him on twitter to stay updated on specials 🙂

12) Creative Pricing & Packaging for Photographers. This guide helped us establish our packages. You can Click here to view more details and purchase it 🙂

Any questions on any of the above information? Want more details? We LOVE connecting with other photographers. Interested in meeting for coffee for a quick chat or a more in depth mentoring sessions?

E-mail us at & we’ll set something up 🙂

Have any great tips on how to survive wedding season? We’d love to do a guest post so hit us up if you’d be interested in sharing!

Below: pictures of us surviving.