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Small Business Coaching for Creatives & Photographers | Buffalo & Beyond

It’s no secret that one of my passions is small business mentoring & coaching. Every time I mentor someone new, my heart expands seeing other creatives’ grow and thrive from the changes we work to implement.

My small business coaching & creative mentoring sessions focus on peeling back the layers and finding what makes your heart beat the fastest. I find this is the most important way to kick start your business and offerings- find out where your passion is and expand from there.  I’ve helped a lot of photographers and creatives transition from the mundane of things they think they HAVE to do, to the things they love doing; the things that brighten our world.

Mentoring is also a great way to build confidence in your business and evolve your ideas. Sessions can be focused on whatever you’d like, whether it’s the business side or the creative side. In the past we’ve discussed things such as staying creative, finding your vision, building your business, pricing, establishing your business, portfolio/business reviews and much, much more. Mentoring works best when it’s over a period of time, so sessions are built to encourage that, though for those of you looking for just a quick and short business recharge,  I offer 1 hour mentoring sessions based solely on sustainable and creative business pricing. 

This year I want to work on expanding my mentoring sessions and one of my best pieces of advice I give to my mentors looking to grow a part of their business out is to offer a limited time booking special or a giveaway. It helps spread the word that you exist and allows a few people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to book you, get to know how valuable your services are  🙂

To celebrate kicking off expanding my mentoring sessions,  I am giving away ONE: 1 hour mentoring session (either in person or on the phone),  to be used between now and the end of 2017. (Session value of $125 can be applied towards a two hour mentoring session or a mini workshop).

HOW TO ENTER TO WIN:  I am going to post this to our facebook business page.  To enter the contest, simply LIKE THE POST & COMMENT ON THE POST, you must do both, but you can comment with anything creative you’d like:  a favorite business quote or some creative words of wisdom, why you’d like to win, what your experience was with mentoring with me in the past if you’re a past mentor, etc, etc,  and you’ll automatically be entered to win.  I’ll pick one winner at random on March 15th. Anyone who enters the contest, but does not win will receive $50 off any 2017 mentoring session as long as it’s booked by the end of March 2017.

Read more about all of my mentoring offerings here.

creative business mentoring experience

“My mentor session with Christina was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. Even though I’ve been in business for the last several years, I knew there were areas that needed significant improvement, but I had no idea where to even begin to take things to the next level. Not only did Christina openly answer all the questions I had, but she offered suggestions for changes and tips on how to get where I needed to go. Since following her advice and implementing several changes, I have already witnessed a huge transformation in my business. It was as if a piece of the puzzle was missing before, and now (thanks to Christina), I’m inspired and encouraged to push myself and my business further than ever before. I cannot recommend her or her mentor sessions enough! ” -Dawn, Wedding & Birth Photographer


 “I was beyond thrilled when I learned that Christina lived in my area so I could do a mentoring session with her. (Although I would recommend one to anyone if you are near or far!) When we met it was comfortable right away. She jumped right in to our session together with confidence. Christina new all the right tools to help me market more efficiently, and had me price what I was worth. She is an expert when it comes to marketing and financing. And more importantly an expert at encouraging. She followed up with me often after our session together. (Multiple times!) She is truly a positive light who goes above and beyond for the people she works with. My business has done a positive 180 since meeting with her! I can’t thank her enough” – Jessica, Wedding & Portrait Photographer


“I had the pleasure of sitting with Christina one on one to talk about business and setting some business goals. We were in such a comfortable setting and what could be stressful talking about the true business parts of business was actually exciting. It was so encouraging to be able to share ideas get feed back and advice on how to best execute them, Christina is so willing to share how she does things and the tools she uses to better help her business. It was like sitting with a great friend and getting the encouragement, guidance and push you needed to get your business to the next level and she helps you think about what you want and what needs to be done to get there. Since then I have put into action the ideas that we discussed and have had a great response and am looking forward to meeting again soon.” -Amanda, Portrait Photographer


“The mentoring I received from Christina was packed full of super helpful information, hands on teaching and genuine encouragement. In the time that we spent together she really provided a lot of guidance and openly answered all of my questions sharing some of the tools that have helped her to run such a successful business. All of this took place in a comfortable setting where it felt like I was spending time chatting with a good friend. Since my mentoring with Christina, I have already made big changes to my business and I am seeing a positive difference in how my business is running. I look forward to more mentoring from Christina in the future!” – Lindsey, Wedding & Portrait Photographer