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Aligned & Kind : Sister Coaching Business

Aligned and Kind Purpose and Prosperity Coaching

This year we’re celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary which is also our 9th year of running our photography business. 9 years ago I started this journey as a pursuit of a smaller curiosity, (aka hobby); a way to fuel my creative bug during the nights and weekends while I worked a full time office job during the 8-5 day. (One year later, Brian joined in on the journey, but that’s a story for another day!).

I remember sitting in my office, staring at my e-mails,  wishing and dreaming I could make photography work full time but not knowing the way there. It felt scary to now know how to get to where I wanted so I stayed in my office job a little longer than I’d have liked.  But soon, dreaming of launching my photography business consumed me so much that there was no other action I could take than to put in my notice with a little bit of hope and courage knowing at the very least, I’d try my best.

9 years later, looking back at the beginning, I can see the complete path that led us to where our business is now, with every twist, turn and fork in the road that came with it.  If I had been given the complete road map with all of the directions laid out in front of me of how to get from where I was to where I dreamt of being, I’m not sure I would have embarked on the journey after all. (“What? You want me to do all of that? Really? No way.”) It would have been too much for me to comprehend. I didn’t yet have any of the tools or experiences that I needed for the long road ahead, which now I understand, are only attainable from being on the journey itself.

What I would have given for that complete map at the time.

Coaching for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Following a dream/passion/purpose/curiosity does take action and courage,  but I’m always careful not to use the words, HARD WORK.  Deciding to make the leap to pursue a life of following little curiosities has been magical and I’ve found myself unexpectedly participating in so much more than I ever imagined a part of the process. YES, I hold a vision of where I’d like to go, (this is what helps orientate all of my actions with intention),  but I now know I must leave room for serendipitous occurrences to play their part, (and it’s so much more fun when they do!)

When I decided to separate out my mentoring business to a separate coaching business focused on purpose and prosperity coaching I did so out of an understanding of what it feels like to be walking the line of aligning with my truth and also feeling unsure of knowing the exact way THERE.  But here’s what I do know with 9 years behind me of not having a detailed map. Being present in the moment and taking a few inspired and intentional action steps at a time is what signals the universe you’re along for journey. And when you start to signal the universe you’re ready,  that is when the true unfolding and magic happens.

Purpose and Prosperity Coaching

Have you been feeling the call to something else but feeling stuck without knowing how to get from here to there? Are you interested in learning more about how to explore your curiosities, align with your true desires,  and create a prosperous life while doing so? Have you already taken the leap to follow a dream but you’re feeling stuck on what the next steps are? Are you feeling in a transition where you can feel the energy building to take a leap but you’re just not ready yet?

Do you have old beliefs such as, “I can’t afford to do that, I don’t have the skills to do that, I don’t have the time to do that, I’m not enough, ” that you could use some help with rewriting?  Aligned and Kind was created for all of these reasons and more; to help you gain clarity on what you want, uncover your why, develop your courage to ask for things you need, teach you how to take inspired actions, and learn how to open yourself up to receive all the joy this world has to offer. I dive right into the heart of aligning yourself with your most present purpose to signal the universe you’re ready.

If you’re feeling called to take action and learn more about my coaching offerings, you can explore my photography coaching here.