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USB Memory Direct Custom Wood Flash Drives

We’ve been photographing weddings for over 8 years and how we deliver our images is a huge part of the process. We pride ourselves in a quick turnaround with images where we upload images to an online sharing gallery for the couples to share with friends & family, but we still believe in sending a USB to each couple so that they have one tangible copy of their wedding ready to go. When we deliver a wedding we usually upload close to 500-750 images, (depending on the length of the wedding), so we love providing them with one back up already on a custom USB that we order from USB Memory Direct.  

We attached a photo to show what our USB’s look like. We chose the wood ones because of their simplicity and USB Memory directs ability to engrave our logo right into the flash drive. There are so many USB companies to choose from and we ended up selecting USB Memory Direct because of their exceptional customer service and competitive prices.