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Engagement Photographers Buffalo | Shaw Photography Co.

Smita & Jesal | Engagement| Tift Nature Preserve, Buffalo

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Buffalo Engagement Photographers | Tift Nature Preserve

We are so incredibly excited to photograph this wedding next year! Smita and Jesal were  incredible to work with: stylish, funny & up for adventure. It was FREEZING on the evening of their engagement session and Smita & Jesal showed up & kicked butt, bearing the cold and smiling the whole time.  We headed to Tift Nature Preserve to start and then explored the grain elevators & streets of Buffalo. We love switching things up on an engagement session to get a great mix of urban and nature  in a set of photos.  Here are our favorites from their session:

Buffalo Engagement Photographers Session Tift Nature Preserve Shaw Photography Co_0001

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Shawn & Jeremy, Sunrise Engagement Session Buffalo, NY

By Engagements

5:50am- Japanese Garden, Buffalo

Shawn and Jeremy are one cool couple. We have so much in common I don’t even know where to begin- bikes, dogs, music, a dying need to wake up at 4am 🙂 Shawn and Jeremy were our first couple willing to get up at the crack of dawn for some awesome lighting and engagement photos (and keep a smile the whole time- it was pretty impressive. ) Not only was watching the sun rise one of the perks of this photoshoot, we got to explore Elmwood & Allen all by ourselves. We stopped at Spot coffee half way through the shoot and it was the first time ever that we were the sole customers in that place, (minus the random dude who loves his sugar). There is something uncanny about being alone as you wander Buffalo in the early morning- beauty sort of pops out at you in ways you never noticed. Along for the ride was Shawn and Jeremy’s super adorable dog, Lincoln. (Yes, we took a photo of Lincoln with Lincoln…how could we not?) As a proud dog owner myself, it’s fun to finally understand the joy that owning a dog can bring people. And even without Lincoln around, these two have an incredible love and energy that is contagious. Not to mention a marvelous sense of style- I swear I want to frame Shawn’s seagull shirt on my wall. Another reason I love google: here are framed prints of her shirt that you can hang on your wall: framed bird shirts (hey husband! hint, hint).

Shawn & Jeremy, thank you for an amazing sunrise engagement session in Buffalo 🙂

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