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we celebrated a 30th birthday 6months late. we ate, drank  & bought pashminas. (actually, for the record, i didn’t buy a pashmina.) we got blessed with sun & a cool breeze that required us to purchase street hats and drink lots of beers to stay warm. we never made it for mexican but we made it to brooklyn. we found father mancini way. we didn’t buy the doll chandelier and we didn’t call keith. i’m not sure which one was more tempting. we saw lots & lots of lights and stopped in on times square at 1:30am which was quite possibly the most beautiful time to see it. i didn’t take a picture because it was too cold and i regret that. we saw a few famous people and a few family members/bffs.     i got my dosage of bikes & falafel we all got just the right dose of nyc ♥