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Cliff Walk Anniversary Session | Portland, ME Wedding Photographers

The best part of our job is connecting with like-minded souls and co-creating images that tell an authentic story. A dear friend of ours, Ashley Hallmark, put us in touch with Holly and Mike while we were in Portland, ME and we explored the Prout’s Neck Cliff Walk with them the evening of the super moon. With the moon being as vibrant as it was, & the tide at an extreme low, we were able to venture to places on the rocks that would have simply not been there another night, (we went back a couple days later and the whole scenery had changed!).

Holly and Mike reminded us to follow that pull in our hearts, to point ourselves in the direction we want to go, and continue to take chances for the sake of our hopes and dreams, no matter how daunting they are. These two s0ld most of their belongings and packed up a car to portland, ME without jobs or knowing for sure what the future entailed- only a hope of things settling once they arrived. A few years later and they both have wonderful jobs, a home, and a beautiful story that keeps unfolding. We are so grateful to have met them.

As always, we travel for the majority of our weddings and we’d love to connect in Portland, ME again. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings, contact us here.