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Goodbye 2018 and Happy New Year from Shaw Photography Co.

Happy New Year & Top Nine | Shaw Photo Co.

Happy New Year! Would it be the end of 2018 without a #topnine post??

(yes, yes it would).

But, happy to see our whole family, including Finn and Fiona, made the cut this year. AND, our first and last weddings of the year also showed up too!  There’s a lot we’re looking forward to in 2019 including a new baby and new business endeavors with Christina’s business coaching for wedding photographers at @alignedandkind and @briianshaw‘s new film photography sessions for families.




Business Coaching for Wedding Photographers | Shaw Photo Co.

The Best Family Photographers in Buffalo New York | Shaw Photo Co.

But for now, we’re really feeling grateful for what a wonder-filled year 2018 was. As you can tell from our grid @shawphotographyco, Vera consumed most of it and we loved venturing into toddlerhood with her. We love that the @shawphotographyco grid also includes the first and last wedding we photographed together in 2018.  To us, those two photos symbolize ALL of the weddings we photographed between the two for us and what great clients we had this year. We’ve been honored to be a part of your stories.

And, YES, we are still photographing weddings TOGETHER, as a team! (since launching separate Instagram accounts and a new business, we get asked this all the time! ). We photograph about 15 weddings per year and almost every wedding with over 135 guests, we photograph together, as a husband and wife team, (with exception to the weddings right around our due date, we have our amazing photographer friends stepping in for Christina!).

We also photograph a handful of smaller, intimate weddings and elopements too with one photographer collections! Brian usually photographs those solo these days, but Christina sometimes will surprise us and like to get out of the house too. 😂

Happy End of 2018! Wishing you all so much love and fullness into the new year!