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Unique Wedding Venues in Buffalo, New York


Unique wedding venues in Buffalo, New York


We get asked by engaged couples all the time, “What are some of the most unique wedding venues in Buffalo, New York?”.  For the majority of the weddings we photograph we are on the road traveling. Fut for the smaller handful they take place here in our hometown and surrounding area. We love it when we get to photograph at a unique local venue!

Most of the wedding and elopements we photograph are intimate in nature with under 75 guests and all on location,  so most of these wedding venues are perfect for weddings on the smaller side that also cater to having your ceremony right on site. With the Covid-19 reopening always being adjusted, smaller venues are becoming more popular. Here in New York, the guidelines are always changing. So for many couples planning a wedding for 2020 or 2021, they are looking for a more intimate venue here in Buffalo. As wedding photographers, we are working with each of our couples as wedding plans adjust.

Update: Since Covid-19 has put restrictions on a few larger venues, two smaller venues are coming to light.

  • Consider getting married in East Aurora at The Muse Loft right next to our favorite art store, The Muse Jar.
  • Love Vegetarian food? Our favorite local vegan restaurant has a great space called Found Folk

Unique Wedding Venues in Buffalo, New York

Here is a list of some of our favorite unique wedding venues in Buffalo that you may have not considered before, including a few local Buffalo restaurants that also host private events. We plan to keep adding to this list as we photograph more weddings at places that have a distinctive and off-beat vibe to them.