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November 10 on 10 : Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Yesterday marked the 30th day of traveling in our little old 1977 camper.

Colorado is quickly becoming our second favorite state. Next to NY that is. Because NY is home and there is nothing that beats that, right?

We miss home, but Colorado has been filling our void with adventure. We have visited so many places in such a short span that we started to forget where we’ve been. So today, after completing the Manitou Springs Incline, (a climb that gains over 2,000 ft in elevation in just under a mile), we sat in the Manitou Springs brewery, sipping beer and eating french fries and fried pickles and wrote out everything we’ve done in the last 3o days. We won’t share it all here, but it’s now down on paper so that we can look back and remember.

This month’s 10-on-1o is from our two day ago adventures (day 29 on the road). We arrived at our RV resort at about noon, set up shop and then head out to hike Garden of the Gods. We don’t have a car, so we had to walk the mile or so to the park entrance. The photos below start with the street where our RV park is located. There is a neat old, (and apparently haunted) lodge we got to pass both on the way to and from. Then we turned the corner and saw yet again, another amazing view of Pikes Peak.   From there, we hiked one smaller trail loop and we weren’t satisfied, so we hiked another called twin sisters trail. that trail satisfied us, (see photos below). We hung out around twin sisters for a while because we had awesome cell phone reception so we used the time to catch up with some friends we hadn’t talked to in a while.

At about 4pm the sun started to set behind Pikes Peak and we could feel a drastic change in temperature, so we started our decent home.  We’ve been starting to think about when we’ll make our real decent home. When will we know it’s time to turn back around and head back? Will the temperature drop suddenly to give us the sign? We hope it’s obvious but for now we’re continuing on to New Mexico and then to Arizona and hopefully followed by California….

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garden of the gods on foot
View of Pikes Peak Manitou Springs10_on_10_garden_of_the_gods_homeiswhereyouparkit_0003dogs are allowed at garden of the gods10_on_10_garden_of_the_gods_homeiswhereyouparkit_0009exploring garden of the gods
sunset at garden of the gods10_on_10_garden_of_the_gods_homeiswhereyouparkit_0006twin sisters hike garden of the godsbuffalo lodge manitou springs