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10 on 10

September 10-on-10: Film Scans Arrived

So we’re sort of cheating this month & we’re not exactly proud of it. The 10-on-10 project was has a simple premise: The idea is that on the 10th of each month we will post 10 photos of our own lives that we have taken on one day the month before. For the past year or so, we’ve been following this wonderfully. We’ve had a few late posts due to travels, but we always posted 10 from the previous month that had occurred in one day.

This month something happened. We became overwhelmed just a little. And we have worked hard to keep some sort of work-life-balance this summer, something we’re proud of, but September it all went out the window. We’re photographing 7 weddings this month and trying to prepare for our road trip and trying to downsize our current state of affairs, (more on that another day).

A few days ago our film scans from our Lomography Diana F+  (all photographed on Porta 400) finally arrived and while they weren’t shot on the same day, or even from last month at all, they were DELIVERED on the same day. So we’re bending the rules just a bit today to make it work. Below are a few scans from our trip at the Bruce Peninsula and even a few from this past winter when we were on a road trip down south.

Also, be sure to check out the other 10-on-1o’ers this month. There are so many great people here, a part of this project!


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