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Connect with your abundance from a place of ease, authenticity, and allowing, NOT by hustling harder.

Business Coaching for Wedding Photographers by Aligned + Kind

I believe in a balanced and authentic approach to creating a life of abundance.  I help wedding photographers connect with their magic & offerings, establish pricing that reflects the true value they are exchanging, and upgrade their mindset to get comfortable with welcoming more money and abundance with ease. It’s time to unlearn what everyone else is selling and telling you to do and start connecting with your natural abundance. When you work with me, you’ll gain clarity on what your desires and deliberately create a business that thrives on your terms.

Committing to caching is committing to yourself and your vision of your business.  You’ll build confidence as you open the flow to your own alignment and experience the joy of feeling alive in the value you’re creating in this world.


+ Are you tired of everyone selling you on the secret formula to success that doesn’t seem to be aligned with who you really are?

+ Do you feel called to raise your prices but you feel like the market is too saturated to do so?

+ Are you tired from hustling hard to just get by?

+ Are you tired of trying to do it all and please other people?

+ Do you struggle with saying NO to things that you don’t want to be doing?

+Are you feeling overwhelmed with the things you really don’t want to be doing in your business?

+ Do you struggle with pricing your services at the value you know you have?

+ Are you feeling burnt out from saying yes to jobs and clients that don’t resonate with you?

+ Are you seeking clarity with your business goals and dreams?

+ Do you want to feel alive, excited, and inspired in your creative life again?

Within one month of working with Christina I booked an elopement at $2,000 (when I was previously charging $1800 for an 8 hour day!) I raised my prices, revamped my pricing structure and added a bigger $5,000+ collection as my top collection. And just yesterday a client booked that collection plus added on an additional 3 hours of coverage for a whopping $6,050. This feels like such a big change for me, even when it comes down to just having the confidence in myself and my value. I am so excited to run my business from the place of understanding my value! - Lindsey ”

“Committing to coaching gave me the confidence to finally charge my worth and believe in my value. Even though I've been in business for the last several years, I knew there were areas that needed significant improvement, but I had no idea where to even begin to take things to the next level. Not only did Christina openly answer all the questions I had, but she offered suggestions for changes and tips on how to get where I needed to go. Since following her advice and implementing several changes, I have already witnessed a huge transformation in my business. It was as if a piece of the puzzle was missing before, and now (thanks to Christina), I'm inspired and encouraged to push myself and my business further than ever before. To top it off, when COVID-19 happened and wedding photographers were hurting really badly and talking about their own cancellations upwards of 25+ for the year, I reflected back at my own numbers and felt even more thankful for Christina's expertise and guidance. Instead of spreading myself thin shooting 30+ weddings like I used to, with the help of Christina I was able to focus in a higher-end market where my clients are either rescheduling or restructuring their weddings with ME as their wedding photographer instead of canceling completely ”

“For the first time in my career, discussing business was actually exciting. It was so encouraging to be able to share ideas get honest feed back on how to best execute them. Christina is so willing to share how she does things and the tools she uses to better help her business. It was like sitting with a close friend and getting the encouragement, guidance and push you needed to take your business to the next level and implement strategies that help you get there. ”

“Christina made me feel beyond comfortable right away. She jumped right in to our session with confidence and shared all the right tools to help me market more efficiently and price for sustainability. She is an expert when it comes to marketing your business with heart. Most importantly she is an expert at encouraging. She followed up with me often after our session together. She is truly a positive light who goes above and beyond for the people she works with. My business has done a positive 180 since meeting with her and I can’t thank her enough.”

JessicaFood Photographer
Discover the Magic of Coaching

This is more than just small business coaching for wedding photographers

connect with clarity. unleash your magic.

What would it feel like to transform your business within half a year from overworked and burnt out to operating from a place of alignment? What would it feel like to connect with clients you love and getting paid the true value of your services? What would it feel like to wake up excited to live your life and run your business? What would it feel like to not only make money doing what you love but begin to thrive again? what would it feel like to have your business start to run on auto-flow where dream clients are connecting to you with ease?

My 1:1 coaching offering is a 5-month process where you’ll walk away with clarity and confidence in yourself, your business, and your pricing. Sessions are centered around alignment in your offerings, releasing resistance, and getting comfortable with your worthiness. During the sessions, we’ll work together to restructure your pricing to be reflective of the authentic value that you’re exchanging with your clients. You’ll have a renewed commitment to being a thriving small-business owner and you’ll feel alignment between your personal values and the practices and strategies you use in your business.

You can expect to make back your coaching investment by the time we have our final follow up call,  but the value you receive will last you a lifetime!


First Time Magic Mindset call

complimentary 60 minutes

Magic Mindset calls are the first step to discovering how to connect back with your business and discover the magic and ease of my coaching offerings. We’ll explore what you need support with and the curated coaching options I have that could help you not only survive in business, but start to thrive!

Group Coaching

starting at $2500

The group coaching package is perfect for photographers who are less than 5 years in business and are looking to DOUBLE their income. Learn how to go from $50K to 6 figures. Gain clarity around your authentic offerings and the value you are creating in this world:   Stop comparing and start connecting with your intention behind your creations.  You’ll focus on the things that light you up and create packages that are a match for your values. The focus is on peeling back the layers and finding what makes your heart come alive and taking action from that inspired place. I’ll nurture you along the way as you overhaul your mindset and restructure your pricing in a way that is in alignment with your values.


1:1 Coaching Full Coaching

This full coaching program is for photographers who have been in business 5+ years and are looking to transition to the next level. Learn how to go from husting, hard work, and burn out to THRIVING and breaking the 6 figure revenue stream consistently, with ease. Connect with the authentic offerings that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Stop comparing and start connecting with your intention behind your creations.  You’ll focus on the things that light you up and create packages that are a match for your values. The focus is on peeling back the layers and finding what makes your heart come alive and taking action from that inspired place.

When your business is in alignment with YOU, you’ll start to book dream clients with ease,  connect with your abundant nature, and begin to not just survive, but THRIVE!

When you book me as your coach, nothing is off-limits to talk about. You’ll learn about my individualized path to running a thriving photography business from a place of alignment but, most importantly, you’ll walk away with a renewed excitement of running your business on your own terms, abiding by your own rules. No more listening to what other wedding photographers are telling and selling you to do!

It’s time to break free and create from your own intuitive knowing.

Questions? Say hello here.

Working alongside me you’ll gain massive clarity on what you desire to create in this world and gain confidence as you restructure your pricing and offerings to reflect that value.

Coaching can help you recover from burn-out, revamp your business model and offerings, bring life and enthusiasm back into your business, uncover creative and energetic blocks, establish sustainable pricing, connect with authentic marketing strategies, attract ideal clients, say no to things that drain you, outsource things you don’t enjoy doing, release limiting beliefs, evolve your business to the next level, pursue a life-long dream you’ve been putting off, update your website and portfolio and much, much more. Allow your magic to flow through.

Whether you’re just starting a new project or already on the path of aligning with your purpose, coaching is for those who may be feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or stuck in their business and life.  Coaching helps create momentum in the direction of your deepest and truest intentions and will provide structured accountability to take inspired actions that create results.

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