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what is all this extra stuff for anyway?

It all started because we were feeling cluttered and overwhelmed. One of our goals after attending the Adventure Always Conference was to “empty our home, closets & life of things that are holding us back.”  So last year we begun the process of what we’re now calling an Adventure in Minimalism. We held clothing swaps, donated bags upon bags of things we didn’t need, gave away some cherished but underused items to friends, etc. But still, we felt cluttered. We knew our things & stuff were only a part of the cluttered feeling… our habits, thoughts, obligations, work load, time on social media and countless other emotional things were adding to the weight & overwhelming feeling we were experiencing and we have dedicated ourselves to a full purge of ALL things weighing us down. We hope to share a small glimpse of the journey here, in our minimalism category. We know it’s going to be a work in process, and at times, maybe even messy & unpredictable, but we’re excited. Want to join along? Subscribe here to receive updates from us.