Price Coaching is for all of the wedding photographers out there that are struggling to run sustainable businesses! 


Do you feel like you don’t know where to start with pricing your wedding photography offerings?

Have you been working at this for a while and feel like you can never get ahead in business?

Do you know you want and need to charge more for your wedding coverage but are afraid of losing clients?

Is your mindset stuck in a loop of not enough? (There isn’t enough work, the market is so saturated, I don’t have the tools I need to succeed?)

Are you experience a guilty feeling for charging people money for your services?

Are you tired of just barely making ends meet while you work on creating your business and dreams?

Do you have a limiting belief that you’ll never be able to charge more than what you currently are?

Most of all — do you believe this is the only way to succeed at wedding photography? Do you believe that being a wedding photographer and artist means you’ll always be struggling to earn money and living paycheck to paycheck? Are you unsure of how to price your services?


Business Coaching for Photographers

From over 10 years of coaching experience, I have found that creatives, artists and wedding photographers alike underestimate their business expenses and feel guilty, not worthy or talented enough to charge sustainably. They often choose to break even, or even worse, lose money,  instead of finding the confidence to charge what they need to sustain. They are unsure of how to price their wedding photography packages to make a sustainable income.

I want to create change in the wedding photography industry. I want you to succeed and learn how to run a sustainable business.

In order to run sustainable businesses, you have to believe you are worth it. My hope is to give you the information to help you start believing you are worth it. By relaying that worth to the world, you will have it mirrored back at you.

When I first decided to quit my job and go full time, a few of my friends and family expressed concern.  “You’re giving up health insurance, benefits, and paycheck security,“ “Everyone is a photographer these days,” “What are you going to do in the winter months when there are no weddings?”



I found myself wondering, 




I didn’t know many other self-employed artists at the time. And all of the wedding photographers I admired locally seemed to be photographing 30-40 weddings per year and shooting what seemed like 30-40 “other” portrait sessions per year. I decided if they could do it, so could I!  I jumped in head first and started photographing weddings and saying yes to any portrait work that came my way. My first year in business I lost over $5,000 with the cost of expenses! I knew there would be an initial investment, so I didn’t give up just yet and I decided to learn pricing strategies to help raise us to a sustainable level.

Before I knew it, my husband had quit his job too. We found ourselves photographing 39 weddings and countless portrait sessions to keep our business afloat. Soon, we crossed the $150,000K mark in revenue but it wasn’t without giving up A LOT of other things in our life, (and not to mention, our business expenses were through the roof that year!).

We eventually hit burn out and we decided there had to be another way to make this work. We decided to put on blinders to what others in the industry were doing, asked ourselves, “What did we want to create for ourselves?”, and eventually found a way that worked for us to create a sustainable business that also aligned with our values.

I also learned how important it is to honor the artist in you and work from a place of love and passion, but also KNOW, that if you continue to not be compensated in some way for what you are providing to this world, you will eventually burn out. That is why this pricing course for wedding photographers is so important.


The bottom line is…

Online Pricing Course For Wedding Photographers | Shaw Photo Co.

You can make money doing the thing that you love, you just have to find the way that works for you. 

One of the things that brings me the most joy is coaching other wedding photographers to find sustainability in their business while also helping them let go of the “compare and compete struggle”.  I help wedding photographers run their businesses in ways that serve them,  honor their values, and cover their costs of doing business.

During my coaching sessions, I often get asked, “How much should I charge for wedding photography?” Of course, the price of running a business is different for every photographer, but I do have some strategies with pricing and creating collections that can help you find confidence and guide your clients to invest in your services.

Because 1:1 coaching is not an option for everyone, I decided to create an online course specific to wedding photographers that want to learn how to price effectively and create collections that help their business run more sustainably. I’ve used these tips for all of my coaching clients and all of them have experienced great results with little tweaks in their pricing guide and the way they message their offerings. In the online course, I cover figuring out your CODB,  pricing for sustainability, and tips and best practices to use when building your wedding photography collections.  I also cover a little bit on mindset and how to start aligning your thoughts with what it is you want to create in your life.


Price coaching will review key strategies in how to price your wedding collections in a sustainable way including:

My secret formula to pricing sustainably

The easiest way to go from starving artist/barely making it to a sustainable wedding photography business model

Strategies to confidently raise your prices to a sustainable level and communicate your true value,  without scaring your clients away

Learn what’s REALLY holding you back from success, (surprise, it’s NOT that the market is too saturated) and find how to connect to your natural abundance

I’ll tell you all about the other ways we bring in multiple streams of income so you can start brainstorming other ways that can work for you


The Experience

“The mentoring I received from Christina was packed full of super helpful information, hands on teaching and genuine encouragement. In the time that we spent together she really provided guidance and openly answered all of my questions sharing important tools that have helped her to run such a successful business. All of this took place in a comfortable setting where it felt like I was spending time chatting with a good friend. Since my mentoring, I have implemented the changes she suggested and I am already seeing such a positive difference in my business.”

LindseyWedding Photographer

“For the first time in my career, discussing business was actually exciting. It was so encouraging to be able to share ideas get honest feed back on how to best execute them. Christina is so willing to share how she does things and the tools she uses to better help her business. It was like sitting with a close friend and getting the encouragement, guidance and push you needed to take your business to the next level and implement strategies that help you get there. ”

AmandaWedding Photographer

“Christina made me feel beyond comfortable right away. She jumped right in to our session with confidence and shared all the right tools to help me market more efficiently and price for sustainability. She is an expert when it comes to marketing your business with heart. Most importantly she is an expert at encouraging. She followed up with me often after our session together. She is truly a positive light who goes above and beyond for the people she works with. My business has done a positive 180 since meeting with her and I can’t thank her enough.”

JessicaFood Photographer

“My mentor session with Christina was everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. Even though I've been in business for the last several years, I knew there were areas that needed significant improvement, but I had no idea where to even begin to take things to the next level. Not only did Christina openly answer all the questions I had, but she offered suggestions for changes and tips on how to get where I needed to go. Since following her advice and implementing several changes, I have already witnessed a huge transformation in my business. It was as if a piece of the puzzle was missing before, and now (thanks to Christina), I'm inspired and encouraged to push myself and my business further than ever before. I cannot recommend her or her mentor sessions enough!!”

DawnBirth Photographer