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Fine Art Wedding Album for Photographers | Renaissance Album 10×13

renaissance albums fine art wedding album 10 x 13

We believe in the preservation of your memories from your wedding day. Wedding photography is an investment in yourselves, your memories and your future.  All images from a wedding day are delivered as edited, high resolution jpgs, but we believe in bringing your images to life so they can easily be accessed 15, 20, and even 65 years down the line. How do you imagine you’ll be sharing your wedding images with your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in the future?

We picture our clients curled up on the couch, with a cozy blanket and a glass of wine, holding their album between them and re-living their day for years to come.  For this reason, we offer beautifully handcrafted albums that will allow you to remember your wedding day with the same vividness you do today.

We offer four sizes of our Fine Art Album: 8×10/10×10 & 12×12/10 x 13. Each album comes standard with 25 pages,  bound with Flint Grey Fabric, with name imprinting with Gold Foil.  Upgrades are available to leather and other materials but they grey fabric goes well with almost all of our weddings & holds up fantastic against fingerprints and such. Our fine art album is considered a modern flush mount album, (where the photos are printed directly on the page),  with a classic and timeless feel by having the prints mounted on to black pages with an ultra thin break in between. The ultra-thin page gap that is less than 1mm thick; the most most unobtrusive split-page possible.

The Fine Art Album comes packaged standard with our premium black stitched box. Did you forget to order an album with your wedding day collection? E-mail us at info@shawphotoco.com or contact us here and we’d gladly create you one no matter how many years later it has been.


 renaissance albums fine art wedding album 10 x 13