The Full Pack of Shaw Photography 2018 Film Emulation Presets for photographers using Adobe Lightroom.

Our presets were originally made for Canon 5D mark iii RAW files, but they also work great with raw files from Nikon and Fuji and we’ve tested them with both.

Presets work best with properly exposed images or slightly under exposed.

Purchase Includes:

  • Shaw Photography Color Preset 01 (warm)
  • Shaw Photography Color Preset 02 (cool)
  • Shaw Photography Black and White 01 (contrast)
  • Shaw Photography Black and White 02 (low contrast)
  • (2)  BONUS PRESETS!: Shaw Film 01 & Shaw Creative 01
  • (3) COMPLIMENTARY Grain Presets includes SHAW GRAIN, SHAW GRAIN + and SHAW GRAIN++ for easy addition to grain to images
  • (3) Complimentary Highlight Save Presets including Highlight Save, Highlight Save + and Highlight Save ++

All products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued.