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Buffalo Wedding Photographers

Whimsical Upstate NY Wedding at the Lafayette Hotel in Buffalo, NY

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It’s hard to believe it’s mid July already and we’re 1/3 of the way through with the 2013 wedding season. We have always been so thankful for the most amazing client’s in the world, and Shawn & Keri were no exception.

A lot has changed in the last month: Brian is now officially full time and we’re currently working on rebranding “Christina Shaw Photography” to something that incorporates who we really are: a team. It’s been a wonderfully strange 4 years since we moved home from Brooklyn and started our little business. Keri & Shawn brought us back to that feeling of returning “home” for something bigger. (Since we photographed their engagement session back in Brooklyn, they too have returned to Buffalo). Brian & I have the conversation ALL the time that if you were to ask us 4 years ago what our futures held in Buffalo, Wedding Photography would not have been on the list of ideas, but yet, here we are doing something we could never imagine our world without: capturing people’s happiness. full time. It’s a heartening feeling to know there is something bigger out there drawing us to what we’re meant to do and where we’re meant to be.

A year ago that something bigger connected us with Shawn & Keri.

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Engagement session in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Shawn & Keri are our first blog of the new year and if they are any indication of how things will be, I couldn’t be more excited for this 2013 wedding season to start. We met up with Shawn & Keri in Brooklyn while we were visiting for the New Year. They happen to live just blocks away from where Brian & I met 6 years ago. Not only that but they happen to live just streets away from our friends we happened to be staying with. AND, not only THAT, but they asked us to meet them near their favorite park, that just happened to be where Brian & I had our engagement photos taken. And one more tiny not only that. The restaurant we stopped at to warm up in between shooting, just happened to be the spot where Keri’s mom got engaged. Don’t you love how the world works?

we do.

We also just happen to really love these people. They are open & real & amazing to work with. There is nothing more we could ask for.

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