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August 10-on-10 | A Hike Up Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid, ADK

Sometimes we like not knowing what’s in store for us.

Hello there blog-o-sphere! We’ve been missing you but hopefully not for much longer. Next week we plan to launch our new blog and we have LOTS on the backlog ready to show you! We thought we were going to launch tonight, hence our 10-on-10 being a little late, but we wanted to wait until things were perfect to launch, so we have another week ahead of us with some minor tweaks.

For this month’s 10-on-10 we’re sharing a recent hike from Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid. I, (Christina here), was photographing an intimate wedding the next day and I wanted to scope out the scenery before the wedding. It had been just about a year since our last elopement on the top of Whiteface Mountain and I wanted to remember what the surroundings were like. Boy, had I forgot. I was totally unprepared for how cold it was and as soon as we got back down the mountain, I ran to the GAP outlet and bought a sweater and some leggings. Ha, July on a mountain, is July on a mountain.

Looking back at these photos, I’m reminded of how sometimes it’s okay to NOT know where you’re headed (you know, when you can’t see the future because it’s zero visibility). We’ve been coming to a lot of forks in the road lately and we’re struggling with the choices we’ve made or not made (is it the right one? should we? what do you think? I’m not sure anymore). We are trying so hard to trust our intuition & hearts, even when things aren’t working out the way we THINK they should.  We’ve found a little peace knowing that sometimes there is only one right place to be- and that’s the current moment. So while we may struggle with not knowing what the future may bring, sometimes it’s a lot more fun & interesting just not knowing what’s in store for us.

Speaking of not knowing where we are headed, in October we’re heading out on our road trip (we only have the first 2 cities planned for 3-4 months! whoops!) Now’s a good time to ask you, if you’d like to follow along or contribute in any way to our travels (you know, a place to park our motorhome and a warm shower in exchange for a portrait session???)  subscribe to our newsletter here. We’ll be sharing updates and the locations we’ll be visiting we’d love to meet as many of you as possible along the way!!

Please be kind and check out these other amazing photographers participating in our 10-on-10. You’ll love them, we sure do!

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