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January 10 on 10 | Charleston, South Carolina

This month we looked at each other with disbelief when the e-mail came in reminding us that our 10 on 10 was due in a few days. A month had passed? Really? Already? It crept up on us this month and we found ourselves at my grandmother’s in West Palm Beach with no internet. So, today, we sit, sipping coffee at Culture Coffee piecing together a day we spent last week in Charleston, South Carolina.

We woke up in the quaintest air bnb we were staying at on Queen, Street. Moseyed out for a morning walk with the dogs and then headed out to Folley Beach for the afternoon. It was a windy, but sunny 68 and we walked up and down the wide beach reminding ourselves what summer feels like. Most of our summers are spent in a 12×15 box editing away the days so we like to make up for it by heading south in the winter. After a few hours and over 10,000 steps (we monitor our steps these days with jawbones), we made it back for a mid-afternoon snooze.
So check out our post below and enjoy! We also have some other exciting news we’re sharing but we’ll save that for the very end.
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So for the past couple of years we’ve been dreaming a dream of living on the road for a while. And not just living: we’d love to see, photograph and experience things we’ve been dreaming  of seeing/photographing/experiencing. We have decided that late October/early November 2015 is going to be our rough departure date and we’re going to either head South or West first and then wrap all around the United states before returning to Sunny Buffalo in May. Of course, we have no big news to share, other than we’re now solidifying this dream by actively seeking a camper vehicle of some sort and starting the work of looking for work as we travel. We’re currently thinking of running a elopement/intimate wedding giveaway to help get the word out so stay tuned for that. Oh, and if you want to be the first to hear when we do announce the giveaway, subscribe here.
And. if you have a camper vehicle that you think would be a good fit for us, e-mail us at info@shawphotoco.com. We’d love to hear from you.