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Day 15: Travel Notes From Eddyville, Kentucky

We’re packing up and about to hit the road again. We’re leaving KY and heading to St. Louis today in hopes of seeing the Gateway Arch. We won’t be staying in St. Louis, but hopefully a campsite an hour west of there. Tomorrow morning we head to KS to visit family for a couple days and from there, we head across Kansas to Colorado.

Surprisingly we have decent internet reception at our campsite Eddyville, KY but our cell phones have no service, (well it seems to go in and out every few minutes so we turned it off). Apologies in advance to all of those receiving or not receiving our text messages. We’ve been sending them, but we’re not sure they are making it past the service lines above us. E-mail is a much more reliable way to communicate with us these days- info@shawphotoco.com.

It’s been two weeks since we’ve left and it feels like only 2 hours and as long as 2 months all in the same breath.  We photographed three weddings in the last two weeks and are now making our way to Colorado (October 30th-November 6th) where we will be photographing an engagement session and booking  more portrait sessions while staying there. We’re waiving sitting fees for portrait & family sessions while in Colorado, (in exchange for our clients being able to meet us on site or pick us up from our site and take us to their location of choice),  so feel free to e-mail us if you’re interested in a session. Prints, products & high resolution images will be available for purchase after the session.

In the past week we’ve come to the realization we’ve overpacked and we’re already ready to downsize our belongings. Along the next few stops we’ll be donating or mailing home the excess things in hopes of lightening our load. In other news, we found a small leak in our bathroom toilet pipe which made the last two weeks a little interesting. We tried to jimmy-rig a fix by using gorilla tape but as I waited for Brian to turn the water on, (with my hands & face near the pin-size hole we had just covered), the result ended up being toliet-pipe water shooting me in the face. I had just showered for the first time in a week so I was less than impressed and we resorted to turning off the water hook up indefinitely until we find a place to fix it along the way.

Here are some images from the last week where we traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway & camped near the Douglas Dam for a few nights.  We also spend a couple nights in Nashville in a driveway and then made it to Kuttawa, KY (where we now type this), but you’ll have to check out our instagram & instagram for photos from those cities.

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Places we’ve stayed so far with ratings of campgrounds along the way.

  • Leesburg, VA: Family
  • Richmond, VA: Air B N B
  • Bedford , VA: Peaks of Otter Campground (****) : $18 per night,  remote, quiet, beautiful views. No hookups but bathrooms within walking distance
  • Sevierville, TN: Douglas Dam Headwater Campground (****) $23 per night, remote, quiet, beutiful views, awesome host campers
  • Nashville, TN: Friend’s Driveway
  • Kuttawa, KY : Holiday Hills RV Resort (**) $34 per night, remote, quiet (pretty sure we’re the only ones here), internet, no cell phone service, smoking allowed in bathrooms, friendly staff.