Photo of Christina & Brian by: Michelle Gardella Photography


We’re Brian & Christina, a husband and wife wedding photography company specializing in intimate weddings & storytelling portraits. We’re based in Buffalo, New York, but consumed by wanderlust, and often on the road traveling for weddings, portraits & adventures of all kind.  In early 2015, we purchased a 1977 motorhome which we plan to use as we travel more & more for weddings.

We have the repeating conversation: “If you were to ask us 8 years ago what our futures held together,  full-time photographers would not have been even in the realm of ideas.” But here we are, doing something we now could never imagine our world without: capturing people’s happiness, full time.

It’s a heartening feeling to know there is something bigger out there drawing us to what we’re meant to do and where we’re meant to be. We photograph a limited amount of weddings each year so that we can give each celebration the attention it deserves.  We also photograph family sessions ,  senior portraits & boudoir sessions.

Above all else, we value authentic connections & working alongside kindhearted, adventurous spirits. An appreciation of photography & honest storytelling is essential to our clients & at the core of all we do is the belief that we are brought together, with you, to create magic.


We believe:

  • in the preservation of authentic celebrations
  • moments matter more than centerpieces
  • long walks in the woods are always the answer
  • your favorite song is even better on vinyl
  • summer nights were meant for bonfires, beers, and laughter reaching all the way up to the stars

More than anything though, we believe in you.

We believe that your story is the most important thing in the world. Truly. Your love, your crazy, windows-down-road-trip-tangles-in-your-hair love, is evidence that what truly matters cannot be broken.

Whether you are planning a wedding, or packing up the marshmallows and graham crackers for s’mores on the beach, your story is so breathlessly beautiful, and important, and we are so happy you have found us here.


For the past couple of years, we’ve been exploring the idea of de-cluttering our lives and letting go of the things that have been weighing us down. Though we’re still in the beginning stages of this process,  we have begun to appreciate the adventure of it all and the people we have met along the way with similar explorations. Follow along with our adventures in minimalism below.