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It’s a simple thing but we never gave it a thought before. Who buttons the brides dress before an elopement?

At every wedding we photograph, we’re there and a part of the day.  We shoot with shorter focal lengths, by choice,  because we like to be up close and personal. We make conversation with guests.  We laugh at the good speech jokes. We tear up at hand written vows. We eat wedding cake and grab a cup of coffee before dancing starts.   We are NOT those photographer’s you’ll never see.  We’re there and you’ll know it.

But to take an active part in a wedding was an honor we haven’t felt before.   To be the guests. The ones who straighten the tie & button the dress. The witnesses to such an intimate event.

it was the simple things,  and now we’re giving it more thought than ever.

and on a smaller note, Brian IS ordained and can marry you. As we said, we like to be a part of the day :)

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