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Capturing a Birth Fika Midwifery in Photos | Baby Maya Christina Birth Story | Shaw Photography Co.

2017 was a transformative year for us. We welcomed our first baby into this world and our hearts were cracked open wide. After our own birth experience I started to feel a pull to be connected back to birth and that transformative space.  As our baby started to grow, and Brian returned to photographing weddings, I started to dream of becoming a birth photographer. 8 weeks after giving birth to Vera, I was invited to photograph my first birth. And a couple months later, I returned to the birthing center to photograph my second. On December 6, I photographed my third, and final birth of the year at bran new John Oshei Childrens Hospital with the incredible care provider Fika Midwifery  and doula Gina Varney from the Buffalo Doula Collective. 

I am so grateful to Pamela and her husband for welcoming me in their birthing space and for their provider, Maura with Fika Midwifery, for her encouragement throughout this process. After a long night of laboring, Baby Maya Christina was welcomed with the beautiful morning light shinning in on her. If you look at one of the last images of Baby Maya being born, you can see the time on Maura’s watch reads 9:44am. What perfect timing to be born.

If you are considering hiring a birth photographer for your birth and would like to view a few more births I’ve photographed, you can see them here. 


Fika Midwifery Buffalo NY at Children's Hospital