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A birth Story at The Birthing Center of Buffalo



In the weeks following Vera’s birth I often found my mind wandering back to those transformative hours of labor, trying to piece together the in-between moments.  As Vera continued to grow in front of my eyes, I found those memories slipping through my finger tips and I started to feel a sadness that soon I would forget some of the most important hours of my life. I found myself writing about a strong pull to be reconnected to the birthing process, a desire to be involved in a separate way other than just experiencing it myself. I wasn’t sure what this way would be, but slowly, the pieces are starting to come together. Through my birth photography offerings, I am hoping to provide families with way to be brought right back to those moments in time, to be reconnected to their process.

Labor is a sacred space, and I am grateful for Collena & Daryl to welcome me in as a witness. When I entered the room I could immediately feel the peaceful strength of a family working together, patiently & intuitively.  When Railyn entered this world, I was reminded me of all that is true: there is only this moment and we must be present and open to receiving,  if we want to experience it fully.

I am incredibly grateful for their amazing and wonderful birth doula Liz Beyer-Partin for her support as I explore birth photography, (When Liz’s special ring tone I have set for her rang at 3:43 am on Thursday morning, I could feel the excitement of getting close to new life entering this world),  and for the incredible team at Birthing Center of Buffalo. I am in awe having witnessed them doing their work.

If you are considering a birth photographer, I am currently accepting birth story clients that are using facilities within a 10 mile radius of my home,  including home births, and births that take place at any of the following:  The Birthing Center of Buffalo, Sister’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Buffalo Midwifery Services and with Fika Midwifery at the Coit House, Children’s hospital . Birth photography information for births in Buffalo, New York can be found here and includes all of the high resolution images. Please e-mail me at info@shawphotoco.com if you have any questions!