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Christa & Dimple | Engagement Session | Baltimore, MD

We were so excited when Christa & Dimple invited us down to Baltimore to complete their engagement session. We consider the Maryland/Virginia area our home away from home as we have family we are often visiting there so when we get the chance to visit family AND photograph we’re double excited.  (If you’re interested in hiring us to shoot your wedding in the Leesburg/Baltimore/DC area, we waive any travel costs since we’re always looking for another reason to visit!). We met up with Christa & Dimple by The American Visionary Art Museum,  located in the Federal Hill neighborhood. We climbed the hill & back and then headed to the water to finish up the session. BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0012BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0013BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0003BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0001BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0014BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0017BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0006BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0024BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0004BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0029BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0026BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0028BaltimoreEngagementSessionShawPhotographyCo._0008

If you are interested in scheduling your engagement session in the area you live, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as there is nothing that excites us more than exploring a new area with our clients 🙂