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Family Photography

Storytelling Session with the Naish Family | New York Creative Family Photographer

We love photographing family sessions. Last year we introduced a new family session we’re offering called storytelling sessions. These sessions are in home, documentary-style sessions of your life as it is. We spend about 90 minutes photographing your family together doing the everyday, little things that often get overlooked while we’re busy living them.  We offer these sessions only in black and white and there is absolutely no posing or direction from us- we just show up and photograph your family as you do life, full of the candid and little moments that make life so wonderful.

We’re so excited to share this storytelling session from an evening spent with the Naish Family. We absolutely love this family and have been honored to document their family over the years from when Mila was just a little baby and now a storytelling session with their newest daughter, Ruby.  Enjoy a little peek into what an storytelling session evening looks like and if you’re interested in booking a session feel free to e-mail us at info@shawphotoco.com.