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The Rainwaters | Encinitas Family Photographers

While staying at a camp site in Encinitas we decided to take a sunset stroll on the beach. I headed down to the beach slightly earlier than Brian to do some journaling by the waves, (one of my newfound favorite road trip activities-there is nothing like hearing the soundtrack of the ocean surrounding you as you write.)

As I was writing I couldn’t help but notice this super adorable family. They were running around, laughing, and taking photos. There was this energy that drew me right into them and I looked up at who I presumed to be mom and asked her if she’d like me to take a picture of them so they had one of the three of them. Then, after unsuccessfully taking a few iphone photos I offered Brian’s services to them, “My husband is right up there, (pointing to our campsite on the cliffs),  I can get him down here and he can do an impromptu family session for you guys… if you want.”

They were delighted at the idea and told us they too were photographers from Austin.  (Matt’s work can be found here). They were visiting family in California and made a quick trip south for the evening and we just happened to run into them. And as we know, as photographers it’s sometimes hard to actually schedule time for yourself to have photos done- so it was our pleasure to make it happen so randomly.  That evening we retreated back to our camper, having made three new friends and are already looking forward to visiting them in Austin as we make our trek back east. Here are a few of our favorites from the session.

big_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0001 Encinitas Family Photogarphersbig_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0004 big_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0005 Encinitas Family Photogarpher big_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0007 big_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0012 big_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0013 Encinitas Family Photogarpherbig_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0015 big_sur_san_diego_la_jolla_family_photographers_0016Encinitas Family PhotogarpherEncinitas Family Photogarpher

Are you interested in a family or portrait session as we travel back east through Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas? Feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@shawphotoco.com. We’ve been offering mini sessions along the way 🙂