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Max Garcia Conover | Ellery Tour

Max & Sophie just returned from touring around the country in a small RV for their Ellery Tour, and we were lucky enough to have them perform a small house concert for us and then catch them at a nearby venue.  We don’t have enough words to express our gratitude for these two and the spellbinding soul they fill a room with. Head over and Follow Max García Conover to stay tuned for concerts that may be coming your way. Max will be touring again in the new year & you can stay tuned with up coming performances  here.   We attached a small video from one of his last performances, New Beast.Max_Garcia_Conover_Ellery_House_Concert_0004Max Garcia Conover | Ellery Tour


Max_Garcia_Conover_Ellery_House_Concert_0005Max Garcia Conover | Ellery Tour

and if you could excuse the quality of this video, we had to compact it to cellular viewing because of the length, but one our favorites songs performed live: The Start of Fables: