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Family Photography

Meseke Family | Upstate NY Family Photographers

Three years our paths crossed with the beautiful Meseke Family, and since that point they’ve become more than just peers in the photography industry; we’ve shared ideas and dreams with them, we’ve leaned on them through some growing pains of being small business owners, we’ve laughed with them over stories of our past lives in nyc and life on the road over wine and cheese,  (and more wine), and we’ve witnessed their family expand from three to four and got to see all the joy that came with it. The best part about this family is their ability to welcome you right into their lives, skip the small talk and be downright authentic and open with you. They get right to heart of what it means to be human and we’re so honored to call them friends.

Next year we’ll be focusing our family sessions on more storytelling, natural sessions just like this one. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings, feel free to e-mail us at info@shawphotoco.com or contact us here.