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Family Photography

The O’Neil Family | Ellicott Creek Park, Four Boys Family Photos

I think there is nothing cooler than having four boys. I may be biased but, it’s what I know.  I can’t explain it, but since our family has been blessed with my nephews, things just are more interesting. When Jill called me to photograph her four boys I was SUPER excited. And then when she told me their ages, I literally squealed with delight. They are almost the exact ages of my nephews, this should be a breeze, right? 🙂 After an hour of collecting sticks, throwing leaves, chasing, climbing hills, jumping, running, sliding, swinging & wiping noses, I remembered that four boys are FUN… but, they are hard work! Jill & Kevin, thank you for hanging out in the cold with me and helping capture your super incredible family. Your family is amazing.