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Tips on Photographing a Session With Older Teenage Kids

Mentoring other photographers on creating abundant and sustainable businesses is one of my passions, but recently I came across my own big question and this time it had to do with posing families with older teenage kids. Photographing older teenage kids can be hard!

When the Rey family asked me to photograph their family portraits I was initially scared. I had never photographed a family of four where the two children were teenage boys. What do you do with teenagers anyway?   I quickly did what I thought would help and I looked at pinterest only to find a lack of ideas for photos of families with older kids. So I decided, I’d show up, and just let things naturally unfold. And then I promised myself I’d put together a quick posing post to help ease other photographer’s fears of photographing sessions with older teenage kids.

At Shaw Photo Co. we love coaching other photographers and small businesses on both the creative and business side of things. So we created this free workbook, that takes you step by step through a family shoot, and how to have your next family session go smoother!


Photographing older teenage kids | Shaw Photo Co.

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