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Wedding Photographers: What to Wear When Photographing a Wedding

We struggle with this every year: what to wear when photographing a wedding. We want to look professional but also we don’t want to stand out and be obvious. We want to be comfortable but we don’t want to be underdressed. We want to reflect our personality and our brand but we also want to blend in.  And most importantly, our feet…. we’re on them for 7-12 hours a day… how do we find comfortable shoes that look good with this now professional, comfortable, hip but ordinary looking outfit?  So we reached out to some of our photographer friends from all over and asked them… What do you wear to photograph a wedding???

If you’d like to contribute to this post, please send us a high-resolution file of you in an outfit you wear to photograph a wedding. (if you have different options, send them along!) Also, a little paragraph about why you wear what you wear 🙂 And if you have a brand of shoes you’d like to share, please tell! There isn’t one right answer so we’d love to gather as much of  a variety of options to share 🙂


To Kick things off we have: Fiona & Bobby from Fiona+Bobby:

(Image by Fiona+Bobby)

“Whilst is it always tempting to wear all black and blend in the background, there is a part of us that doesn’t want to fade away into the sea of people either.  We have taken the conscious effort to be stealth with our steps around  our couples and their guests on the wedding day, rather than compromise style.  Most often than not, this is my go to dress in Summer.  It’s light, breezy, vibrant and plasters a smile on my face instantly, whilst also giving me the flexibility to take wide steps, jump or run when needs be.  I can’t handle any item of clothing having too much a collar, especially when you consider that you have so much equipment hanging off you at any given time.  The further away from that feeling of being strangled by the straps of my gear, the better!   Bobby tries to incorporate style whenever he can! We do try and coordinate our style when we are shooting together however – hence you see on this day Bobby teamed up with his matching trouser tone,  Some might call it crazy, but we prefer to lean more towards the cutesy.  Not only is the bow tie a little more practical for a guy when it comes to camera straps, it’s also Bobby’s trademark, adorning the bowtie whenever he can.  With a huge variety in his collection, no two weddings in a row will see the same bow tie.  There is something about our outfits that is always consistent though, and that is our footwear.  Rollie’s have been the best investment we have made in a long time.  They literally weigh next to nothing, are super stylish and incredibly comfortable.  Without a doubt, this always get’s people talking whenever we are on a shoot.  We just need to invest in a few different styles of the Rollie footwear and we are set!” -Fiona



Next up we have Johanna from JOHANNA HIETANEN PHOTOGRAPHY :


“I wear my lovely black and white dress with leggings and a cardigan plus TOMS Slip On shoes. My dress is not too formal and it’s comfy enough and lets me move my hands, go up and down, roll on the floor and so on. If it’s too hot, I can take my cardigan off and it’s still classy. I have a few similar dresses and some tunics that I switch occasionally. For me the most important thing is to feel comfy but still look like myself. It’s also important that we blend in with the guests.” -Johanna




“My outfit consist of dark blue shirt which is 100% cotton so it’s very breathable and I won’t get scorched in the summer. Then I have light brown khaki pants, fabric belt and TOMS Slip On shoes. I used to have pretty formal outfit (white shirt and dark pants) but when my white shirt always had a lot of stains on it after weddings I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. I don’t really use bow tie or tie because they always get on my way while photographing. With this outfit I’m still able to blend in but I’m also recognized as a photographer and not just another guest.” – Jouni



Olivia Gird from : Olivia Grid | Wedding, Lifestyle, Travel Photographer : www.oliviagird.com :

“I typically grab one of dresses from Anthropologie because they are comfy and fashionable for a wedding. I always bring a cardigan or blazer and scarf. Shooting in New England can get super chilly very fast! My shoes are a short black leather booty, (brand is Ecote), I grabbed from Urban Outfitters a couple years ago. I really need a thick heel when on my feet that long. I can’t do the flats thing.”- Olivia