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Make Friends with Film | Learn How To Shoot Film Photography Workshop


Interested in learning how to photograph with film in an in-person setting?

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Do you want to learn and make Friends with Film?

Learn How To Shoot Film in person with Brian Shaw and Alexandra Meseke in an intimate, in person workshop dedicated to film photography!


Do you want to learn how to shoot and photograph with film? Brian was there a little over two years ago and spent countless hours on youtube, researching and reading on the internet, and attending workshops both online and in person to learn the craft better to the point where he’s now brought it into his family work as the primary way he photographs.

Brian is in the beginning steps of organizing a collaborative workshop along with the talented Alexandra June Meseke to teach you the things they wished they knew before starting to photograph with film, along with the tools, tips and tricks that took them over two years and counting to learn. PLUS MORE!!!

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If you have any questions about the film workshop before it is released, feel free to e-mail us at info@shawphotoco.com and say hello 🙂

Film Photography Workshop - How to shoot film workshop | Shaw Photo Co.