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July10 On 10 | Camping at Odetah CT

By Travels & Adventures

For our first 10 on 10, we chose a day at Odetah Camping Resort where we recently camped and had our photos taken to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (It’s coming up in October, but we wanted summer photos!). It was our first time camping alone (and while it wasn’t as “primitive” ad we thought it would be), it ended up being the perfect spot for a two day getaway. We learned a lot on this trip about over-planning, not planning, learning to live in the moment, and making the most with what we have. It’s funny, but we’re starting to realize from our travels that all we “really” need can fit in a small SUV and this trip was a wonderful reminder of enjoying the simple things in life.

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Adventures in Portland, ME | Portland, ME Photographer

By Travels & Adventures

We have decided to add Photographing a Wedding in Portland, ME to our “Shaw Photography Bucket List.” This is our second time visiting Portland, ME and even though it rained 66% of the time we were there, we loved it even more than the first time. There is something so alluring about it. Maybe it’s the walkability. or the sunrise. or the coast. or the portland headlight. or the friends we got to catch up with along the way. or the oh so delicious food. or the beer. Whatever it is, we want more! So if you, or anyone you know, is getting married in Portland, ME, you know where to find us. Read below to find our recommendations from our last two visits.

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Weekend Getaway to Toronto, ON

By Travels & Adventures

We’re quickly approaching the last empty weekends on our calendar and we’ve worked hard to fill that space with friends, family & as many adventures as possible. This weekend, we took a last minute getaway from Buffalo to Toronto when we realized that weather and time were on our side.

We booked this clean & perfectly situated airbnb, by Queen & Sudbury Street (it included a secure parking spot!). We didn’t do much planning before arriving and since our internet was spotty most of the trip we left most of the itinerary up to early morning yelp review reading & a lot of question asking on the street. Some of our personal recommendations for a day/weekend trip to Toronto are:

Breakfast at School. Go BEFORE 10:30am if you want to avoid a line. The Pancakes, Cheddar Chive Bisquit & Huevos Rancheros were all great.
Margaritas at Reposado. Though the margarita’s quickly add up at $10.5, we highly recommend going for AT LEAST one (try the blood orange, yum!!) There is usually seating in the backyard, (even if it’s cold they have awesome space heaters).

A Toronto FC game at BMO Field. We scalped tickets to the home opener for $35 a piece right as the game was starting.

Exploring and Thrifting around Queen St. West. We had a lot of fun in Public Butter Vintage. We could tell you where else to go, to go but lonely planet does an amazing job of mapping out a great day trip with some stops in the many art galleries that line the streets.

Stop in the Bier Markt for an afternoon drink. Try the sweet & sour sampler.

Late Night Poutine at Poutini’s House of Poutine. The vegetarian gravy is delicious.

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The Adventures of Unplanned Time Off- Travel Guide to Vieques, Puerto Rico

By Travels & Adventures

After a few days home and a few days in a row of freezing cold temperatures, we decided, (or perhaps we were told), we couldn’t spend the whole time off taking pictures of our dogs, (as amazing as that sounds).

We found cheap airfare to Puerto Rico and a few days later we left for a unplanned adventure. We spent the first leg of the trip on the small island of Vieques, (which you could only get to by ferry or small, very small, plane). I’m not sure why, with my extreme fear of flying, we opted for the small plane. But we did. Once there, we stayed at the Villa Venti and rented a jeep to explore the island. Including the 22 minute small plane ride, this was my favorite place we have ever visited together. Horses, chickens & dogs roam free. The island has the most beautiful beaches. It’s affordable. At 134 square miles, the island is easy, and pretty safe, to explore on your own. The food, including the street food, is delicious. Another special thing about Vieques is that it’s home to one of the best examples of a bioluminescent bay in the United States. Before this trip, I had no idea what a Bioluminescent Bay was, and now, it is one of the most memorable things I have ever seen in my life. We used Abe’s Tours and I would highly recommend them for their friendliness and sense of humor. The 20 minute bumpy bus ride to Mosquito Bay was worth the $40.00 alone. I can’t put into words what the bay looks like & we have no pictures to share. The feeling that overcame me when I realized our kayak paddles were lighting up as we rowed is enough for me to recommend to go out & witness it yourself.

One final tip: Our first night at Vieques there we enjoyed a 6 course prix fixe dinner at the home of where we were staying. (This is offered weekly at either the Villa Venti and Casa Cascades & you don’t have to stay there in order to reserve a spot). Glen & Alex wereAMAZING hosts & chefs.

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