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Where to Elope in the Catskills and Hudson Valley

By elopements

Are you looking to Elope or get married in the Catskills or Hudson Valley area? The Catskills are one of our favorite areas to visit and more recently one of the places we think is perfect to have an intimate wedding or elopement in New York State.

The Catskills are in southeast New York State, only a few hours from New York City and about 4-6 hours from Western New York. With rich hiking, gorgeous scenery, and endless lakes and waterfalls, The Catskills are the perfect place to get married or elope and spend a long getaway weekend for your guests.

If you live in New York City, and are looking for an elopement getaway that is within easy driving distance, the Catskills and Hudson Valley are two of our favorite locations. Eloping in the Hudson Valley is something you won’t regret! There are quaint little towns throughout, with plenty of places to stay. There are many towns ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours from New York City in the region.

Here is our compiled favorite list of places to Elope in the Catskills and Hudson Valley:

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