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Are you charging too little for your photography services?

Are you charging too little for your photography services?

Here’s how to know you’re not charging enough and it’s time to raise your price:

🔥You’re overbooked
😭You’re too busy for friends and family
😣You’re starting to feel resentful
😔You’re feeling guilty for not giving your best to every client
🥺You live in front of a screen more than you’re living your real life
🙅🏽‍♀️You’re tired and SO ready for the season to be over already so you can have a moment to breathe again

If you’re thinking, “this is me,” 🙋🏽but you’re not sure how to go about raising your prices in a way that feels easy and good,  I can help!

I remember being in this place myself and I know what it takes to transition to feeling better fast.

It’s what I teach my coaching clients to help them embrace their value and enjoy the ease and flow of running a business that is in alignment with their authentic gifts and offerings.

is it time to raise your photography prices?

If you’re feeling undervalued and under-compensated, and you’re ready to raise your rates,  I invite you to book a clarity call where we can connect to see how you can start to implement changes to feel appreciation for your business again. We can decide together if we’re a fit to work together in my 1:1 coaching program. The link to the book the call is below.

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