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All You Can Eat Pancakes | Arcade, NY

Last summer we photographed a wedding at Letchworth State Park. On the way home we googled places to eat and we came across an “ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKE” listing.  The only catch was it was only open Sundays in February and March (Maple Syrup Season). We marked our calendars and before we knew it the day had arrived! JOY!! In order to prepare properly for this grand event, we decided we’d go to bed early so that we could bust through the doors of the Arcade Center Farm Pancake House as bright and early as possible, but…. Finnegan & Fiona had other plans for us. We let them out one last time before heading up to bed and a few seconds later we heard a loud screeching sound coming from our backyard. EEEEEK! They had caught a possum! Brian ran outside in his bare feet and starting chasing them around in the snow trying to get them to drop the poor thing and finally after much yelling & some coaxing of treats, they let up the fight.  A few hours later,  after some scrub down baths, deworming pills & dead possum disposal, we laid our heads to rest & dreamt of pancakes.

Here are a few photos from the road to following your dreams. Oh, and the important stuff (our review): the pancakes & syrup are great! We’d recommend skipping out on the eggs and just getting the all you can eat pancakes. (so thin, they are almost a crepe!). We were able to re-fill once before we were officially full. So, so, so x1,0000 yummy.