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A way to reconnect: Personal Film Photos from Summer 2016

The past week’s weather in Buffalo has made it feel like spring is around the corner, which means our 2017 wedding season is almost here as well. We pick things up again at the end of April and we’re more excited for this year of weddings than ever as we’ve been honing in on more simple celebrations with clients who resonate with our sense of adventure and spontaneous hearts. As always we have been exploring minimalism in different ways of our life and sadly, social media sharing was something that fell to the wayside as we made more time for other things in our life. The downside of not using social media as frequently as a way of communicating with our clients was that we felt a disconnect happen between ourselves and our business.

When we first started our business we brought ourselves fully into it. We invested everything we could into making sure we got ourselves to a sustainable place. As we started to transition to a more simplified lifestyle, we realized how much of our time was spent on the internet: blogging, sharing, updating, reading, trying to keep up with trends, etc. There was one summer where it felt like we never left the office, unless it was to go photograph a wedding or engagement session. One night we found ourselves up at 2:30 am, I sitting at the desk with bright eyes from editing, and Brian laying asleep underneath  our printing table, snuggled in with the dogs.  I remember looking back at Brian on the floor KNOWING something big needed to change.

And change it did. We took on less weddings. Outsourced some of our work. Got rid of distractions. Said no to things that weren’t a fit. AND… cut down on social media time, including blogging.  We even use to have a 10 on 10 monthly post that at least held us connected to our business on a personal level in some way, but even that we let go of because it took up time from our lives.

Reflecting back on the last 2-3 years, including our transition from 37 weddings to a max of 20, we are grateful we found the courage to make a much needed change. But, it would be a lie to say a part of us doesn’t miss connecting with our clients, both past & present, on a more personal level through our blog and social media outlets.  While we don’t think we’ll go back to the amount of blogging or posting we did in the past, we want to find a happy medium that reconnects our business with the reason why we fell in love with photography in the first place: connecting with others through visual stories.

Here are a few visual stories from our personal archives from last summer, all taken on film. We promised ourselves that even though we sold our beloved camper Trudy, that we’d always be true to our hearts and camp at least a few times a summer. Camping for us is a time to get away in the middle of our busiest season and reconnect with ourselves, each other & nature. We usually are out of cell phone range, we cook almost everything over an open flame. We hike. We watch the sunset. We read books we’ve been meaning to read. We write. We reflect. And we re-center ourselves to what we know is important. The photos below are mostly from a small one night trip at Evangola State Park and a shorter trip to Lake Placid where we hiked our first two high-peaks: Porter & Cascade.  Brian and I had my brother take a photo of us at the top, and of course, we were photobombed. But we love the photo that much more because of it.