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An Intimate Wedding in Quebec City

I use to dream of traveling the world for work but never thought it was possible, nor could I imagine what line of work that would be. After failing to find a teaching job in Buffalo, I found myself as an assistant to a principal at a private school that required most of my days to be glued to a desk. That desk ended up being my gateway to daydreaming and possibility and soon I found myself photographing portraits on the side for extra income. Then the first wedding happened and then another and soon after I asked Brian to join as a second photographer. What ensued was a year of learning, growing and expanding both in our business and in our relationship.

Over the next 5 years we found ourselves being invited to photograph some of the most beautiful celebrations in the world, one of the earliest of them bringing us to the finger lake region where we needed to stay overnight. The morning of the wedding we sat in the hotel room, drinking coffee and talking and I remember looking at Brian and saying, “This could be our life. We could travel for work. ” This was right around the time we were quitting our day jobs and photography was becoming our full time life. Over the next couple of years we discussed the potential of traveling and making it a priority for ourselves & our business but we knew it would take work.

So much has changed since the beginning; our dreams have evolved, our priorities have become more clear and we’ve learned to be intentional with the decisions we make, knowing that today’s work leads to tomorrow’s unfolding. Brian now photographs the majority of our intimate weddings solo, (under 100 guests),  and we recently brought on an additional second photographer to shoot alongside with us for the bigger events as I’ve begun focusing more on the business side of things, mentoring, and a few personal projects. I’ll still be photographing weddings, but not as frequently as Brian- I’ve learned my creative energy needs more rests in between bigger events.

But one thing hasn’t changed, our love of traveling both personally & for work. After a lot of reorganizing of our business, setting goals, and reminding clients we LOVE to pack our bags, we now travel for the majority of our weddings. We’ll be updating more on our upcoming year, but for now, we want to share one of the last weddings we photographed together in Quebec City, Quebec. This time, we awoke in our little airbnb before setting out to the streets of Old Quebec to get coffee & a croissant, (or two). Over coffee, instead of dreaming and setting new goals, we spent a lot of time in awe, reflecting on the past years with gratitude. We’re so incredibly grateful for the clients that have invited us on their adventures and have turned our smallest dream of traveling for work into a reality.

Ceremony: Les Plaines D’Abraham • Reception: Chateau Frontenac • Wedding Planner: Isabelle Radford, Quebec Elopements• Hair: Castle Coiffure• Dress Designer: Eddy K Bridal • Suit: Hugo Boss