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Business Coaching for Wedding Photographers

business coach for wedding photographers

Hi! I’m Christina Shaw and I help photographers transform their businesses and make more money starting with their very next booking.

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When we first launched our business 10 years ago, one of the things that helped us grow our business fast was our commitment to investing the education and never-ending improvement of fine-tuning our craft combined with a consistent curiosity on how to run a sustainable and successful business. We attended workshops, listened to podcasts, took courses, researched on the internet. We met up with photographers all over the nation to share strategies and ideas and invested in mentors and coaches. Somewhere around year 5 of running our business, we took a couple of years off from any education. We turned off outside voices, turned inward, and discovered where we truly wanted to take our business and life. We wanted to learn from ourselves and let our intuition guide our choices and success.

The of the most important decisions we have ever made for our business was investing outwards and turning inwards. For a while, we thought it had to be one or the other – learn from others, or listen to yourself. But we discovered there is a beauty in doing both. While we continue to invest outwardly- we continue to turn in and listen to and follow our own truth. The truth is, there’s no one right success formula for every business, there’s only the right way for YOU.

I also coach creative entrepreneurs looking to empower themselves, create businesses that thrive, and take ownership of their wealth and abundance.  I created it for photographers looking to connect back with themselves and their audience, and create an abundant and sustainable business while doing so. Aligned and Kind was created as an offspring of the creative and business coaching for photographers that I have offered for the past 7 years. This coaching allows you to uncover your deepest callings, connect with your purpose, and create a prosperous life while doing so.

You can learn more about Aligned + Kind here.