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September 10 on 10 | A Day in Derby.

Earlier this year,  we were invited to take part in an ongoing collaborative blog project called 10 on 10. The idea is that on the 10th of each month we will post 10 photos of our own lives that we have taken on one day the month before. We will also link to other photographers from around the country who will also be posting 10 photos from their life. We are really excited to be invited to a be a part of this group.
For our first 10 on 10, we chose a day at Odetah Camping Resort  where we recently camped and had our photos taken to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.
For our second 10 on 10, we captured a day with our nephews. 
  Every year we set goals to spend more time with friends and family during the summer, and every summer passes by quicker than the last, with less time spent where we know it should be. This past month we tried to focus on a day off. We looked at the calendar and realized it was already the end of summer just like that so we packed our bags and headed for an overnight on Lake Erie, (much love and gratitude to our wonderful cousins who allowed us to stay at their place).
This day was so important to us for so many reasons. It was a reminder of how quickly it goes and how important it is to make time for the good stuff. A reminder to turn off and tune in. And to start saying no again to the things that don’t fill us, so we have time to say YES to the things that make us come alive.
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