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April 10 on 10: McDowell Sonoran Preserve | Scottsdale, AZ


Hey There April! We’re currently in sunny Scottsdale, AZ getting ready to photograph a wedding at the Desert Botanical Gardens,  so we’re bringing you this post from the road. Two days ago, we found a beautiful park that was perfect for our 10 on 10 – The McDowell Sonoran Preserve.   One thing the 10-on-10 has forced us to do is schedule mini adventures with an intention of documenting them. We’ve been traveling a lot more for weddings and it’s often hard to pull ourselves away from the computer screen of editing and working to adventure outside. The 10 on 10 has pushed us a little further out of our travel box and we’re thankful for the new places it has taken us to explore.
Also, this trip we’ve learned the importance of eating before we go out exploring, being H-angry on a hike is no fun!
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