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December 10-on-10 |Brian learns to surf and I take a walk on Scripps Beach, California

We’re a few hours late to posting but we wanted to get this month’s 10-on-10  none the less. Today marks our 60th day on our road trip.  At the end of November we made our way into Southern California where we found out that all of the campsites were booked up, (east coast unawareness that people actually CAMP on Thanksgiving). Thankfully we had family nearby to take us in for the holiday and we spent our Thanksgiving in La Jolla where we were recharged more than enough to continue on in our travels. Up until this point, we were feeling a touch of homesickness creep in, but after a week of being cared for, (and fed wonderfully),  by family, we were set to take on the rest of California.

Brian spent most of his week learning how to surf from our cousin Alfie and I was luckily able to document is first time in a wet suit. The tide was higher than usual that morning but when Brian and Alfie hit the water, I enjoyed a morning walk with my uncle. With the high tide, we were working hard to avoid getting our shoes wet but then a photo opportunity arrived and I positioned Uncle Alfonso right where the tide eventually won.  Whoops. (Photo proof of the incident just about to happen below). By the end of our walk, both of our shoes and socks were soaked, but most importantly, Brian had learned to put a wet suit on the right way, (we have Polaroid proof that he had to do a switcheroo on the beach!)

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