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Day 75: Travel notes from Big Sur & the road home


We’re currently writing from Big Sur, CA. When we arrived three days ago, the check in woman said, “Welcome Home.” And in a way, it felt true. We had camped here, at the same campground, a couple of weeks ago as we made our way up the coast. We loved it so much we knew we had to return on our way down and when we pulled in on Sunday afternoon, we were flooded with feelings of returning home. Which was what made it all that much stranger when we were welcomed back with that word…. home.


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We’ve had a lot of quiet moments to think about home- both where we lay our heads at night in the camper and that place back in Buffalo that we love and miss.

Two years ago we attended a creative workshop/retreat where a presenter asked us to write down our wildest dreams and goals.  I wrote down,  “to explore the whole US as a traveling photography team, documenting portraits & stories along the way.” Over the next year, the wild dream evolved and there were many conversations with Brian that involved a somewhat panicked “we-should-sell-everything-we-own-and-spend-the-next-few-years-traveling-the-US-roads-as-nomads!”

It didn’t take long to uncover the cause of the panic: an intense overwhelming feeling of having too much stuff & feeling too busy.We started to explore riding ourselves of the overwhelming feeling, (if you’d like, you can read about that here,) and slowly, we started to feel better and less panicked. We soon decided we didn’t need to sell everything and move into a camper, (at least, not yet),  but the original dream of a road trip and photographing people and stories along the way was still hanging around in the corner, inviting us along for the ride.  We decided to join.


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As we approach almost 80 days of this trip, life on the road is still very much calling to us, and some places even have us tempted to settle ourselves for a while longer in the future, (Big Sur anyone?)   And while we feel extremely curious to continue following this particular calling, there have been a few other callings that have risen to the surface that are strongly starting to pull us back home, home, to Buffalo (at least for the time being).


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In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be leaving California and starting the slow trek east and then north, where home and a few new adventures await us.  If you’d like to continue following along we’ll be using our newsletter as a way of updating you of our future travels, announcing new endeavors, sending out ramblings and small stories from our life, as well as announcing special offerings on our portrait work & mentoring sessions, (that will be available to subscribers only!). We’ll continue to blog here, but our subscribers will be the only ones who receive news of our special offerings.

And it goes without saying, if anyone would ever like us to return home again, to Big Sur, and photograph their wedding or portrait or story or whatever, we will gladly pack our bags and join you.