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Our Favorite Relationship Advice

What is your favorite relationship advice? After 8 years of marriage, one of our favorite pieces of relationship advice is “couples that walk together, stay together.

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As a husband and wife wedding photography team, we see each other, A LOT. And even though we work/live/see each other almost every second of the day, a good, long walk is where we get to always have a real conversation, uninterrupted. Sometimes we spend the firs part of our walk not even saying anything, just quieting our minds, so that the remaining time can be spent having a intentional conversation where we’re both actively listening, (and not just doing that half listening thing we often fall victim to when one of us is trying to edit, while listening to an Oprah super soul podcast, and respond to emails and the other is trying to bounce dinner ideas around, while playing with Vera and brainstorming aloud new creative endeavors).

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So yes, our vote for favorite relationship advice is take long walks together, and take them as often as possible. We’d love to hear from you. What is the best or some of the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?