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What Does it Mean to Think Outside The Box?

✨Your thoughts are powerful tools in the creation process  ✨ What does it mean to think outside the box? ✨ When something doesn’t go the way you think it should,  it’s easy to think: “this is not working! I’m doing everything I’m supposed to and keep hitting a wall! Why isn’t this working for me?. I’m failing for sure”  If you repeat these thoughts often, it can lead to feeling stuck or hopeless. 

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 Our whole photography business came to life because of things “not working.”

We had moved from NYC to Buffalo and I couldn’t find a teaching job & Brian’s sales job was stressful. At that time, we felt discouraged and that things really were not working.  Our initial thought was to give up on Buffalo and go back to NYC,  but we had bought these expensive BIG couches that we knew wouldn’t fit in a tiny NYC apartment. SO, we decided to give it 1 year of just letting things unfold because we felt like we owed it to our couches to at least enjoy them for a year. If things still weren’t working at the end of the year, we’d move back to New York. In that small decision, our thoughts went from repetitive “things aren’t working” to “let’s give it a try and see what happens.”  We went from trapped thinking TO outside the box thinking.

A simple thought that a year could show us something different and if it didn’t, it would be okay and we’d move. This change in thinking creating space where an interest in photography swooped in and one thing after another of things clicking into place and working, we found ourselves here. 11 years later of still living in Buffalo in full appreciation for the creative process and the range of emotions that come with it. 

✨To think outside the box is to break a habitual thought pattern that isn’t working and create RELIEF inside:  If something isn’t working, can you find another way to think about it? Maybe something better is coming? Maybe your energy is being called somewhere else? Maybe the universe is nudging you to pivot. Maybe things ARE working out perfectly and the moving pieces are all on their way toward you ✨ the relief you’ll feel from thinking outside the habitual and routine box will create space for what’s next to come in ✨